Initial Period
Shaanxi Yalan Textile Co., Ltd. was founded. At the beginning of its establishment, the company set up a vision of "building an international excellent professional brand and achieving Yalan's century dream".
* Establishment of Shaanxi Yalan Textile Co., Ltd.
* Yalan Hotel Cloth Experience Hall Opens
Development Period
"The Second Five-Year Development Plan" was launched, focusing on strategy, concentrate on hotel room fabrics
* Xi'an Yalan Bedding Processing Plant officially put into operation
* Obtained self-operated import and export rights
* Passed ISO 9001-2001 quality certification
* Initiated "Funding 100 Textile University Students" Hongfeng
Project Love Heart Action
* Title "Yalan Cup" Hotel Cloth Skills Competition
Adjustment Period
Launched the “Third Five-Year Development Plan” to gradually realize group operation
* Established Nantong Weaving Factory and Finished Product Processing Factory
* Established Yalan Group in Korea
*Participate in "Dubai International Hotel Supplies Exhibition"
* Won the "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Textiles"
* Win China's "Best Hotel Supplies Supplier"
*Become the fabric manufacturer of Dubai Yacht Hotel
* Celebrate 10th anniversary
Spanning Period
Introduction customer best experience center, integrate industry chain, transform and upgrade
* Established Hotel"Linen Yalan Research Institute"
* Implement a new model of "clothing smart leasing"
* was rated as "national high-tech enterprise"
* Won the "China Innovation and Development Brand"